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Dokmeh is an innovative design studio specializing in digital content such as web, SEO, video, photography, DEX, copy-write, motion, VR, brand, etc.


We are a team of creative, skillful designers 😎, who believe in their qualifications and power 💪. Dokmeh intends on creating digital experiences to help our clients develop their businesses through the impact of our solutions.

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what we think/feel

Our Vision
Our approach

We are a digital design studio with a self-oriented approach. Each brand has a unique identity and character that needs to be considered just like a real personal identity. Our approach is to associate our creativity, specialty, and technology to let a brand be recognized and developed as it should.

we work

We take every challenge into a chance by giving them a constant attempt which is not only a solution to those challenges but also an innovative method. User Experience is always a priority of our team. We intend to increase the value of your brand, as we believe the more valuable it becomes, the more value our studio gets.

by the best

We have always wanted to create the most eye-catching digital experiences. Therefore; Dokmeh has always been among the best design studios in the world and has won many international competitions. We try our best to make an incredible experience for our clients.

a Timesaver

Time is gold, and we always try to do all our projects in the shortest possible period.

your dream

With a team of creative, intelligent, and gifted designers, who aim to do the best they are able to satisfy clients regarding their requests, Dokmeh is here to make you live your fantasy of a perfect digital experience.

our clients

what we do

  • Digital Experience (DEX)

  • Ui/Ux

  • Web design

  • Web Development

  • Strategy

  • E-Commerce

  • Motion Design

  • SEO

  • Info Architecture

  • Digital Marketing

  • Innovation

  • Data and Insight

  • VR

  • Brand Designing

  • Copywriting

  • Advertising

  • Consulting

  • Training courses

  • Social Marketing

  • Content

  • Photography

  • Animation

  • Logo and ID


14 years




+ 20


A meeting point, where digital design professionals from across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and share constructive, respectful critiques. “Always questioning”, “always evolving”.


CSSDA is a leading international award platform that honors and rewards web designers, developers and agencies for excellence within the field of web design & development.


CSS Winner is a unique global platform awarding and showcasing the best websites and promoting innovative web designers, developers and agencies.

Clutch best company of 2019
Sortlist Best web design agency of iran.


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Farzad kafaei

Founder / CEO

Ui/Ux designers

Front-end Developer

Nikoo aghdasi

Front-end Developer

fatemeh basti

Back-End Developer

samira alamdari

Front-End Developer

pedram moghaddam

UI/UX Designer

Mohamad Alipour

Office Staff


Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

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