Firouzfirouz Architect

  • Client:Firouz Firouz
  • Technology : HTML, CSS, JS, PHP by Wordpress CMS
  • Services : Ui/Ux, Front-End, Back-End
  • Date: 2016
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Firooz Firooz is known as a context-oriented architect, and attention to texture is one of the main features of his works. His context interpretation is based on the two-way relationship between nature and culture, emphasizing sustainable design. Combining the up-to-date architecture and ecological values of native Iranian architecture has been influential in shaping his works. His architectural approach is rooted in ideas that prioritize human-centered architecture creation and life quality promotion. In such a theoretical framework, the connection and coherence between the individual, society, architecture, and the environment is essential for the community to achieve well-being and health. A kind of connection that Firouz mentions with the "coexistence" keyword and forms the aesthetic of the basis of his works. He is also an architect with crafty abilities, and he shows them off in the overall organization, form, and details of his projects.