Khesht-o-khorshid Architecture Studio

  • Client : Mehrdad Esmaeilian
  • Technology : PHP - JavaScript - CSS 3.0 - jQuery
  • Date : 2020
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The studio started its activity by believing that architecture is a part of the art of living and the turning point of the art and industry.

The employer’s favorite bird was a crow…
The correlation of tastes, values and memories about this beautiful bird stirred us…
A subject that, in a contradictory way, could be an illustration of our skill in depicting the flight of
this bird and an excuse to challenge the unfavorable historical, cultural and psychological images of
the crow…
It may be a subtle action about a bird:

“He knows nothing of what we hear, the bird that hears what we do not understand.”
The result of this activity was the let’s talk page and the creation of a secondary application for the
contact us page…

Our main challenge was to accurately code the flight of crows on the landing page.